“The Lottery”

Reading the text ,i was reluctant to say that i thought “the lottery” was something that town gave to a person to win a prize or money. However, that was not case. The lottery was for a random murder on someone in their town. When i had noticed this, i was curious about the year of this short text and it was published in 1948. I do not know what kind of people will do this to their own society but i feel it made no sense and it grew the desire for the kids and adults in the town to look forward to murdering a innocent person. i am aware that in the past century that some towns made their own rules, like murdering a negro or maybe murdering someone that was a “witch”. However this story was to kill a random a person and i feel like it was just for Mr. Summers or the old mans satisfaction. Realistically speaking, i still believe that some towns have their own rules on how they conduct things, but now we have a higher power to conduct a society in real and stable way, the government. Even though the town felt it was a way to keep them stable, it probably was (in their own opinion) but i believe they should at least punish someone that is meant to be punished such as a criminal or maybe someone like the old man for continuing this action.


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